Rio Bingo

Getting Started

Starting a game

Click on the 'Play' button to play and join in the fun with . The bingo lobby area will load, where you'll find a huge variety of games to choose from including bingo and instant games.

Choosing a game

Once you're in lobby area, you will be able to choose from a whole host of games. The bingo games are separated by tabs in the lobby, so all you have to do is choose what type of bingo game you want to play and then click on the tab. You can also click on 'Games' at the bottom bar to play any of our fantastic instant games.

On the bingo section of the lobby, each ticket shows the type of bingo game, the price of the card, the jackpot amount, when the next game will begin, how many players are in the room and if the room has a chat host.

Buying cards

Randomly generated bingo tickets will be displayed on the screen. To scroll through the tickets, use the left and right arrow buttons. To select or deselect a card, simply click on the card.

You can auto-select cards in batches and using the '+' and '-' buttons on the left panel, this means you don't have to click on each card.

Once you are happy with your selected cards, click on the 'BUY' button situated on the left bottom corner of the screen. Subject to funds, this will complete your card purchase. Please note that card purchases are non-refundable and all sales are final. The left-hand panel also displays at the bottom the number of cards you have purchased for the next game.

Each purchased card will display a number at the top of the card, for example, #1234567. This number is a reference for both yourself and our customer services team. You have until 10 seconds prior to the start of a game to purchase bingo cards for that game.

At the top of the screen you will find the number of players and jackpot details. At the top left, you can see the time remaining until the game starts.

Playing bingo

You are first presented with the ‘Buy cards’ screen until the game begins. You can see how many people have bought into the game and the jackpot amount at the top of the screen. You will see a popup and a countdown to announce that the game will start.
You can check which pattern is being played at any time at the top left corner of the screen. Called numbers will be marked on your cards if they form part of the required bingo pattern for the current game.

In order to select ‘Auto Daubing’, simply click on the ‘Options’ icon at the top right corner of the display area. When it's on, the game automatically marks or "daubs" your card every time your numbers are called out so you don’t have to! When this button is off, your card numbers are not automatically daubed, so you can mark them manually by clicking the number on the card. Bear in mind that whether you daub the numbers or not and how you daub them has no effect on the game outcome. IF YOU HAVE A WINNING BINGO CARD YOU WILL WIN!

When the game starts, a slight pause will occur before the balls are called out. After being randomly drawn, the balls are shown at the left of the screen, accompanied by a voice announcing the numbers if you have your sound switched on. Each ball called is displayed on the bingo board, and the last calls are also displayed.

At the end of the game, ‘BINGO!’ will be announced and the winning alias(es) will be presented. When you win, your winnings will automatically be added unless stated otherwise on the promo page of a specific game. You will then automatically be shown the next game screen after a short time or after you click ‘OK’.

A few other things to note - you can alternate between having the sound on and off. Simply toggle on/off the sound in the ‘Options’ icon at the top right corner of the screen. If you need any assistance during the game, click on the name of the chat room at the top of the chat window and select ‘Help’ to chat to our friendly assistants. Once you have finished playing bingo, then simply click on 'Lobby’ in the top left corner or close the window.


The party is more than just about playing bingo, you can also make new friends and chat whilst you play! Our chat rooms are where the party really gets started! Make new friends, chat with old friends and play some games with our friendly hosts as you watch the game play to find out who wins the jackpot! Our party-animal chat hosts always brighten up the room and make playing at even more fun. You can play bingo, chat games and get first hand help all at the same time!

The name of the room you are chatting in will be shown at the top of the chat window. Clicking the down arrow at the right of the room name you are chatting in will show a list of other rooms that are available, usually 'Help' and 'Lounge'.

The conversation in your chat room will be displayed in the main chat window. You can see aliases of the other players who are chatting by clicking on the 'Player' icon and number at the top right of the chat window. You can also freeze the chat by pressing the padlock button at the bottom of the scroll bar.

To send a chat message, simply type in the bottom bar and press Enter on your keyboard or click the 'Send' button. You can also send quick messages by clicking on the shortcut buttons. Clicking on the trash can icon at the top right corner of the chat window will clear all displayed messages. During our bingo games, Bingo Lingo is often used during chat. Please consult our Bingo Lingo graphic to learn about how to use Bingo Lingo - it's great fun!

does not tolerate rude or offensive chat and players who violate this rule will be banned from using the chat and risk to be removed from the site.

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